BEPUG was started in 2015. Our first meeting will be held on January 14, 2016.

Website: bepug.be
Twitter: @bepowershell

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Chrissy LeMaire
Twitter: @cl
Blog: netnerds.net
GitHub: ctrlbold

Chrissy was awarded the PowerShell MVP in 2015, and focuses primarily on PowerShell, SQL Server and high-performance techniques. She is the author of the dbatools module.

Luc Dekens
Twitter: @lucd22
Blog: lucd.info
GitHub: lucdekens

Luc is a co-author of VMware vSphere PowerCLI Reference: Automating vSphere Administration and  was awarded the PowerShell MVP in 2013. Luc is also a VMware vExpert, and consistently ranks as a top speaker at VMware’s VMworld conference.

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