BePUG meeting #1

On Thursday evening January 14th 2016, a group of PowerShell enthusiasts converged to the MIC in Mons, to attend the 1st BePUG Meeting.

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Since we didn’t know what to expect for a first meeting, we were very pleasantly surprised to see this number of enthusiastic attendees making the effort to drive to Mons on a weekday evening.


The BePUG had scheduled three sessions for their first meeting.

PowerShell and REST – Expanding Your Horizon

Luc presented an overview on how to use RESTful API from within PowerShell. He showed a number of tricks, pitfalls and gotchas when working with the Invoke-RestMethod cmdlet.

PowerShell Unbound – Tips & Tricks

Jeff‘s session showed a number of Tips & Tricks from the PowerShell world,  that even the more seasoned PowerShell users were not aware off. The fun and fluent delivery of the subject were much appreciated by the audience.

PowerShell, CSV and SQL Server – My Journey to 200,000 Rows a Second

Chrissy showed her impressive journey to the +200K rows a second record. This was a real deep dive that impressed the attendees. Runspaces will be hot in Belgium from now on !

The session slides and files for this 1st BePUG Meeting are/will be available on


LucD notes – BePUG – RESTful API – Expand your Horizon

FB – Belgian PowerShell User Group


We would like to thank the Microsoft Innovation Center in Mons for hosting the event.

We would like to thank all the speakers.

And most importantly, we would like to thank all the attendees, you are the part in User Group that makes the difference !

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