BePUG Meeting #2

Monday September 5th 2016 marked the second meeting of the Belgian PowerShell User Group.

The second BePUG meeting took place at the Ordina offices in Mechelen. Ordina is a large independent services provider in the field of consulting, solutions and IT in the Benelux. We wish to thank Ordina again for enabling this 2nd BePUG meeting.


After welcoming the attendees,


Chrissy and Luc presented the agenda for the evening.


VMworld Report

Luc gave a quick overview of the PowerShell related news from VMworld US 2016. In summary:

  • The open source PowerShell announcement on August 18th, contained a VMware PowerCLI demo by Alan Renouf
  • At VMworld, during session INF8092, there were more demos presented
    • Running PowerCLI cmdlets on Windows, Linux and MacOS
    • Calling vSphere API methods from a PowerCLI script running on a Linux box
  • A recorded demo of the vSphereDSC module, and the “reverse” script to translate a vSphere environment into a DSC Configuration file


SQL and PowerShell Report

Chrissy did a session on the current state of the union for SQL and PowerShell.


  • The history of the marriage between SQL and PowerShell, from poor to wow!
  • She gave a shout-out to Ken Van Hyning, for the important improvements that were realised for PowerShell support in SQL
  • Chrissy concluded with an overview of the impressive dbatools project
    • A thumbs up for the Team, and what they realised
    • A call for community participation via the Trello board

Get it done with Azure Automation

Next up, an Azure Automation overview by Kurt and Stijn.


Kurt showed us the features of Azure Automation, backed by the demos done by Stijn.

A very useful overview on Runbooks and Azure Automation Assets. The slides, which shall appear shortly on the BePUG website, will be a solid reference for anyone who is starting with Azure Automation.


And then there was pizza! And drinks! And networking!

Thanks again Ordina for providing all this!

IMG_20160905_193518   IMG_20160905_193533

Azure Automation with DSC

We kept the best for last of course, a great session with Ed on Azure Automation with DSC.

ed-bepug-6  ed-bepug-1

Ed gave us a great overview on why you should automate, which pitfalls you could encounter and how to avoid them.

He further discussed the possibilities and directions of the Operations Management Suite (OMS).

He also asked for participation in the Monthly Automation calls



You might have been wondering why we had beer bottles in front of all the speakers, but these beers, and some books, were the prices for our raffle at the end of the meeting. And yes, we know there was a Dutch beer in there, but our PR Manager thought that would be a good move, seen a number of Dutch participants in our audience 😉



It seems my co-chair of the BePUG, discovered that Justin Timberlake also attended this BePUG meeting.

That explains the titles of his hits like there are “SexyShell” and “Rock Your Automation”.

Thank You

Besides a big thank you to all our speakers (Kurt was called away early, hence the insert),


we would also like to thank all attendees. Without your dedication and love for PowerShell none of this would be possible!


Let’s do this again!

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