The Belgian PowerShell User Group (BEPUG) has the goal to bring together PowerShell enthousiasts and to stimulate learning in a social and open environment.

To underline our open culture, we adopted a code of conduct.


Xavier Clinquart Xavier Clinquart

Xavier Clinquart

LinkedIn: XavierClinquart
Github: KoalaScripts

Merlijn Van Waeyenberghe Merlijn Van Waeyenberghe

Merlijn Van Waeyenberghe


Luc Dekens Luc Dekens

Luc Dekens

Twitter: @lucdekens
Blog: lucd.info
Github: lucdekens

Chrissy LeMaire Chrissy LeMaire

Chrissy LeMaire

Twitter: @cl
Blog: netnerds.net
Github: potatoqualitee

Stijn Callebaut Stijn Callebaut

Stijn Callebaut

Twitter: @stijnca
LinkedIn: Stijncallebaut
Github: stijnc
Other: callebaut.io